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XBC diesel engine fire pump

1. Automatic starting   2.Automatic charging   3. Automatic alarm   4.Automatic preheating   5. Direct coupled: diesel and pump are directly coupled with flexible coupling with national initiate technique, which reduces faulty point and large shorten starting time of pump set. It also improves the property of stability and emergency. The pump unit has telemetry, remote signaling and remote control functions
It is applicable for warehouse, dock, airport, petroleum, chemical industry, power plant, liquefied gas, textile process, shipping, oiler and other many applications for fire fighting water supply and emergency water supply.
Working Condition:
Altitude: ≤2500meters
Environment Temperature: -25~55℃
Flow Rate Q:50~700l/s
Head H:32~600m
Diesel Power: 18~1100kw
Material: cast iron, nodular cast iron, cast steel, cast copper

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