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IH chemical centrifugal pump
IH chemical centrifugal pump    [chemical pumps]
High efficency and energy conservation;wide application scope;stainless-steel or fluoroplastic lining;sound corrosion resistance. For transporting various chemical mediums and other medium similar to water. Flow Rale Q:0~500m/h Dehvery Lift...

CQF engineering plastic magnetic pump
CQF engineering plastic magnetic pump    [magnetic drive pumps]
Static seal instead of dynamic seal;fully enclosed and leak-free;sound corrosion resisting performance; compact structure and low nose. Widely used in chemicals,pharmacy,petroleum,electroplating and scientific research sectors etc.for trans...

CQB magnetic drive pump
CQB magnetic drive pump    [magnetic drive pumps]

CQ magnetic pump
CQ magnetic pump    [magnetic drive pumps]
Fully enclosed and leak-free;sound corrosion resistance;compact structure and low noise. For transporting valuable,toxic and volatile fluid,chemical medium and oil products. Flow Rale Q:0~55m/h Dehvery Lift H:0~55m Rotary Speed N:2900r/min...

AFB.FB anticorrosion pump
AFB.FB anticorrosion pump    [chemical pumps]
New-style accessory impeller drive;shaft gland device for smooth operation;low noise and dependable seal;non-leakage and reasonable structure;small occupying area and long durability. Widely used in industrial sectors such as petroleum,chem...

XBD-G multistage in line fire pump
XBD-G multistage in line fire pump    [fire pumps]
Stainless steel type, multistage pump, easy installation and steady performance, little vibration, low noise Applicable for water supplyonfire- fighting in all kinds oflocations such as residence, hotels, office buildings, commercial buildi...

XBD-W horizontal multistage fire pump
XBD-W horizontal multistage fire pump    [fire pumps]
XBD-W series fire pump is applicablefor transporting waterfor the fire-fighting pipelinewithincreasedpressure. It can add pressureto the rinsing orother liquid with similarphysical or chemical nature. The applied temperature of the medium s...

XBD-W single stage multistage fire pump
XBD-W single stage multistage fire pump    [fire pumps]
High Efficiency and Energy Conservation;Small Occupation Space;Detachable Structure;Low Noise;Little Vibration. High-rise Domestic Water;High-rise Fire Water;Constant Boiler Feed Water;Long Distance Transportation;Technological Cyclic Press...

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