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XBD-LG single suction multistage fire pump
XBD-LG single suction multistage fire pump    [fire pumps]
High Efficiency and Energy Conservation; Small Occupation Space; Detachable Structure; Low Noise; Little Vibration Applicable for water supplyonfire- fighting in all kinds oflocations such as residence, hotels, office buildings, commercial...

XBD-L vertical single stage fire pump
XBD-L vertical single stage fire pump    [fire pumps]
Small occupying area and sparing investment; high efficiency and low energy consumption; low noise and oscillation;high standardization. Water supply of hydrant and spray system; pressure stabilization in fire fighting system; transport of...

AS.AV cutting submersible sewage pump
AS.AV cutting submersible sewage pump    [sewage pumps]
Bewrite Excellent pollution discharge capacity and non-blockage,lacerating setup being able to lacerate and cut off fibrous substances before discharging,compact structure,convenient movement,needless fo constructing a pump house. Applicabl...

ZW self priming sewage pump
ZW self priming sewage pump    [sewage pumps]
Self-priming capacity;no need of installing a bottom valve;excellent pollution discharge capacity;dependable performance. Municipal works;pollution discharge in housing estates,public establishments factorise and mining enterprises. Flow Ra...

LW vertical sewage pump
LW vertical sewage pump    [sewage pumps]
Non-blockage;oil box setup;dry well installation for easy examination and repair. Municipal works;pollution discharge in housing estate,public establishment,factories and mining enterprises. Flow Rale Q:5~3000m/h Dehvery Lift H:0~45m Rotary...

GW piping sewage pump
GW piping sewage pump    [sewage pumps]

YW submersible sewage pump
YW submersible sewage pump    [sewage pumps]
Non-blockage;oil box setup;submerged structure for various special installation modes. Industrial and agricultural water feeding;urban water supply;mild sewage discharge;water transfer project;especially suitable for pump station constructi...

WQ submersible sewage pump
WQ submersible sewage pump    [sewage pumps]
Non-blockage;seal monitoring;oil box setup;automatic installation of coupling device;automatic monitoring system available. Municipal works;pollution discharge in housing estates and public establishments;water supply in water works; pollut...

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