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D horizontal boiler feed water pump
D horizontal boiler feed water pump    [multistage pumps]
Ii is single suction, multistage stage, sectional centrifugal pump, with national recommend energy-efficient hydraulic mould. The product is high efficient, saving for energy and reliable at performance, running smoothly, low noise, long li...

QBY pheumatic diaphragm pump
QBY pheumatic diaphragm pump    [diaphragm pumps]
Needless of power drive, self-priming capacity; leak-free and non-blockage;pollution-free and low nose. Water supply and discharge liquid, serosity transportation and sewage discharge; dry powder transportation. Flow Rale Q:2~30m/h Dehvery...

JYWQ automatic stirring sewage pump
JYWQ automatic stirring sewage pump    [sewage pumps]
The stirring devices improves its waste drainage capability and reduces sedimients,stiming and water inletting has no disturbance to each other.The tearing device improves its waste passing capability.Various electric control protection and...

DBY electric diaphragm pump
DBY electric diaphragm pump    [diaphragm pumps]
Self-priming capacity; leak-free and non-blockage;pollution-free and low noise. Various corrosive liquid, granule-contained,highly viscid,volatile,inflammable,explosive and toxic liquid,ceramic slip glaze,fruit plasm, gluewater, reclamation...

CQB fluoroplastic lining magnetic pump
CQB fluoroplastic lining magnetic pump    [magnetic drive pumps]
Static seal insead of dynamic seal; fully enclosed and leak-free;sound corrosion resisting performance; compact structure and low noise. Widely used in chemicals,pharmacy,petroleum,electroplating and scientific research sectors etc.for tran...

Teflon compart slice
Teflon compart slice    [pump fittings]

YB Series explosion-proof electric motor
YB Series explosion-proof electric motor    [pump fittings]

CZ standard chemical pump
CZ standard chemical pump    [chemical pumps]

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