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KCB, 2CY gear oil pump

It is simple and compact, and convenient to use and maintain. The pump has very good self priming function and there is no need of adding water before starting the pump. The pump is lubricated by the liquid it transfers. So there is no need of lubrication in normal operation. With power transmission of flexible coupling, it can compensate for deviation in installation. The flexible coupling acts as buffer when the pump is impact by liquid. 
This pump is suitable for transport various oils, such as the thick oil, diesel fuel and lubricator, also it can transport liquid with low flashing point by equipped with copper gear, such as gasoline, benzene.
We can produce stainless steel gear pump to transport beverage or corrosive liquid. 
Working Condition:
Flow Rate Q: 1.1~60m³/h
Pressure P: 0.13~2.5Mpa
Speed N: 750~1500r/min
Caliber: Φ20~Φ100
Temp Range T: ≤80℃
Material: cast iron, stainless steel

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