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ZX self priming centrifugal pump

Self priming pump; easy to operate and maintain; running smoothly; high efficiency; long life
1. Applicable for urban environmental protection, construction, fire-fighting, chemical industry, medicine-making, dyestuff, printing, brewing, electric power, plating, paper-making, mining cleaning, equipment cooling, etc.
2. Applicable for clear water, seawater, chemical liquid with acid or alkalis, slurry (viscosity ≤100CP, solid content ≤ 30%).
3. With rocker sprinkler, liquid will rushing into the air and will be dispersed into small drops for spraying. The pump is an excellent tool for farm, nursery, orchard and tea garden.
4. It can be matched with any type or specification of pressure filter. It is the most ideal matched pump to transport slurry to the pressure filter.
Working Condition:
Flow Rate Q: 3.2~280m³/h
Head H: 20~80m
Speed N: 2900r/min
Caliber: Φ32mm~Φ200mm
Temp Range T:-15~+120℃

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