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AS.AV cutting submersible sewage pump
AS.AV cutting submersible sewage pump    [sewage pumps]
Bewrite Excellent pollution discharge capacity and non-blockage,lacerating setup being able to lacerate and cut off fibrous substances before discharging,compact structure,convenient movement,needless fo constructing a pump house. Applicabl...

ZW self priming sewage pump
ZW self priming sewage pump    [sewage pumps]
Self-priming capacity;no need of installing a bottom valve;excellent pollution discharge capacity;dependable performance. Municipal works;pollution discharge in housing estates,public establishments factorise and mining enterprises. Flow Ra...

LW vertical sewage pump
LW vertical sewage pump    [sewage pumps]
Non-blockage;oil box setup;dry well installation for easy examination and repair. Municipal works;pollution discharge in housing estate,public establishment,factories and mining enterprises. Flow Rale Q:5~3000m/h Dehvery Lift H:0~45m Rotary...

GW piping sewage pump
GW piping sewage pump    [sewage pumps]

YW submersible sewage pump
YW submersible sewage pump    [sewage pumps]
Non-blockage;oil box setup;submerged structure for various special installation modes. Industrial and agricultural water feeding;urban water supply;mild sewage discharge;water transfer project;especially suitable for pump station constructi...

WQ submersible sewage pump
WQ submersible sewage pump    [sewage pumps]
Non-blockage;seal monitoring;oil box setup;automatic installation of coupling device;automatic monitoring system available. Municipal works;pollution discharge in housing estates and public establishments;water supply in water works; pollut...

JYWQ automatic stirring sewage pump
JYWQ automatic stirring sewage pump    [sewage pumps]
The stirring devices improves its waste drainage capability and reduces sedimients,stiming and water inletting has no disturbance to each other.The tearing device improves its waste passing capability.Various electric control protection and...

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