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Factory PIC


  1. Based on the principle of customers first,we spare no efforts to offering you firstclass products,first-class quality assurance and first-class sales service. We have formed up a whoie set of service system headed by our vice president and with participation of marketing department,customer service department and technical department.
  2. Pre-sale service:we try all out to meet the special requirements from users to make our products more economical,practical,safe and durable.
  3. During-sale service:to let users know the performances and characteristics of our products in a most detailed and simple way for their convenience to choose the most suitable types,specs and models.
  4. After-sale service:whether or not you are a large customer,we will establish a complete information detabase for every customer,and offer after-sale service with revisit by call and personally.
  5. We offer door-to-door service spare parts and easy repair,and free service of standby pump supply in case of emergency.
  6. We offer one-year warranty for all our products.For service out of this period,spare parts will be charged only the cost of materials,while the costs of installation,labor and delivery to your door will be free of charge.
  7. When you have purchased our products,you will enjoy our timely and sound pre-sale,during-sale and after-sale service wherever and whenever.Our service hotline is +86-21-57887555


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